About Us


What are we?

We are a social enterprise with a not for profit mindset.

What does that mean?

It means that we are a very young idea. Instead of spending time and money jumping through the legal hoops of registering as a not for profit organisation, we are opting to instead put the time, energy and money into directly achieving our mission.

So what's your mission?

Founded with the idea of giving back to our clients and the community, our mission is simple. We want to have donated $100,000 to charities and other community programs/initiatives within 5 years of launching. Once we have achieved this mission, we will re-assess and hopefully aim higher!

That’s impressive, how will you do that?

By providing exceptional services to NDIS participants and donating a percentage (approx. 5-10%) of each appointment fee. Where the share is directed will be chosen by the individual participant at their complete discretion. As an example, one has asked that his share goes to saving up for a disability only gym.
By rewarding outstanding workers in the disability sector with gifts.
By being involved in and fundraising for events such as:
MS walk/run/roll (Multiple Sclerosis), Movember (Men’s Health), Stride4Stroke and many more!